Our story begins in 1994…

Cindy Howeth began her real estate career in Arizona after her husband was relocated to the small town of Prescott Valley.  She was looking for a career that would allow her to utilize her sales and property management background.  She became a real estate agent and the “fun” (or “not-so-fun”) began.


Cindy thoroughly enjoyed working with her clients, showing homes and helping people sell their houses.  Most buyers needed mortgage financing and this is where the “not-so-fun” came in.  Although the lenders were nice people the problems they created were not so nice.  It became difficult coping with the last minute problems, delayed closings, or in the extreme (but all too often) case, the inability to get the mortgage closed, resulting in a loss of commission.

A Better Way

Because of her frustration with difficult real estate transactions, Cindy began investigating mortgage lending.  What she realized was that although the mortgage business has its complexities, the frustrations she felt as a real estate agent could be avoided.  The key was up-front, solid pre-approvals and proactive communication.

Cindy started her career as a mortgage loan officer in 1996.  Soon after beginning her mortgage career she once again relocated – this time to Colorado.  She moved here not knowing a single person and had to find a way to grow her business.  Cindy looked for something she could connect with – first time homebuyers.  She realized there was a need for mortgage lenders who not just worked with, but catered to, first time homebuyers.

First Time Homebuyers

Cindy worked diligently to research every possible first time homebuyer program available.  She wanted to know everything available to first time homebuyers so that she could be the best at getting them what they needed.  She quickly learned the programs, began working with CHAC on offering first time homebuyer classes and became one of the top first time homebuyer lenders in the State of Colorado.

It’s a Family Business

Scott Wynn, Cindy’s only son, joined Cindy in 2001 right out of college where he studied Computer Science and Business Management.  These skills added tremendous value to Cindy’s already successful mortgage business.  Scott assisted Cindy and eventually became a loan officer.  Scott followed in Cindy’s footsteps and continued to focus on first time homebuyers teaching classes with her.

Two years into his career as a mortgage loan officer, Scott decided to  take a loan officer position with Pulte Mortgage (Pulte Homes’ mortgage company).  He spent three years working for Pulte and quickly rose into management where he worked with his team to become one of the top rated teams in terms of customer service and customer retention.  Scott handled an extremely high volume of loans which was a great learning experience, but he felt something was missing.  He enjoyed working with customers and real estate agents.  This is not something he was able to do as a manager for Pulte Mortgage.  He decided it was time to join Cindy again.

In late 2009, Scott’s wife, Marla was ready for a new challenge.  She had spent the past six years doing business management and fundraising for a local non-profit therapeutic preschool.  She joined the team, learned the mortgage business, began teaching classes and became licensed.

Since that time, the Wynn Team has grown to 10 members doing approximately 400 transactions per year.  You can feel confident that any challenge that may be encountered during your transaction has been overcome by the Wynn Team before due to the large volume of transactions completed each year.  Wynn Team customers agree that the Wynn team is one of the best mortgage teams in Colorado.  This is due in large part to the principles Cindy operated under which are maintained today, the systems Scott and Marla put in place, and the work ethic and professionalism of the entire team.

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