How Mortgage Rates Work

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I often get calls asking, “What’s your rate?”  Unfortunately, it is not that simple.  Mortgage rates depend on many factors including decisions made by you.  Let’s dig in and I will explain what I mean. There is a short YouTube Video, Mortgage and Interest Rates Explained that caught my attention.  I watched the video and it […]

12 Mortgage Terms You Should Know

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Going through the mortgage and home buying process can be stressful.  Part of that stress is the unknown.  Not knowing what to expect.  Not knowing the terms being used.  Today I am going to share with you the 12 most important mortgage terms you should know when going through the mortgage process. My inspiration for today’s […]

Ultimate Guide to Prepaying Your Mortgage

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I believe I have two main responsibilities when assisting my customers when obtaining a mortgage. First, to provide them the best possible mortgage product and terms available to them. Second, which may seem a bit strange coming from a mortgage loan officer, is my responsibility to help them eliminate this debt as quickly as possible. […]